When seeking the assistance of an esoteric psychologist (EP), a client acts solely based on their conscious desire, seeking help for a complex life situation that affects their well-being and quality of life.

The client delicately and thoroughly describes their problem, covering both emotional and mental aspects. The EP, in turn, pays attention to every detail, using deep analysis and, if necessary, asking clarifying questions. Specific diagnostic methods may be applied during the consultation, ranging from taking esoteric tests to analyzing involuntary drawings and signs sent by the client’s consciousness.

Gradually, step by step, the problem unfolds, allowing an understanding of its roots: whether it was a karmic task, an external intrusion, or specific actions that led to the situation. This stage can be referred to as esoteric psychological counseling. Of course, the client has the right to discontinue the sessions at any time.

After realizing the core problem, the client can continue working with the EP, starting the stage of forming new behavioral reactions and seeking optimal solutions.

Key principles of working with EP:

Consultations are conducted exclusively online or in the office. Meetings in private homes or public places are not accepted.

EP and the client should not have personal relationships or contacts beyond professional activities.

The client has the full right to discontinue the consultation or correction at any time.