Карма, viewed as the “law of cause and effect,” has deep roots in Eastern occult philosophy. Despite its ancient origins, this idea remains relevant and significant in the modern world, contributing to the dynamic development of the science that studies it.

Practical esoteric psychology provides a toolkit for diagnosing karma known as IPC (Individual Karmic Pattern). This method allows creating a diagram similar to an astrological birth chart, reflecting your individual karmic history. In particular, such a diagram will show:

Past Karma: It acts as a kind of passport for your previous incarnation. It helps you realize and assess karmic nodes and loops created in the past and understand how they impact your current state, influencing your psychological, intellectual, physical, and emotional well-being, as well as determining future development paths.

Present Karma: It combines past life karma and the karma of your current lineage, playing a key role in shaping all aspects of your life.

Future Karma: It serves as a kind of road map, indicating goals and tasks you’ll need to navigate in the present and future to achieve higher levels of consciousness. It’s also a reminder of the need to avoid “unresolved fate exams” and divine trials to prevent returning to past lessons.

This service will be available in 2024.